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The AHAA Annual Conference is wholly owned by AHAA: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing and is not a public event. Programs presented at the Annual Meeting are for the education of attendees. AHAA reserves the right to deny or terminate press privileges to credentialed press at any time prior to or during the meeting.  


Code of Conduct:

Interaction with presenters and/or other attendees is permitted before and after the session; however, we do ask that you submit requests to Jennifer Walus (jennifer@bigvoicecomm.com or 773-206-5602) so that she may help coordinate and provide access to the AHAA Press Room, when appropriate. Journalists who are also staffing an exhibit must wear their exhibitor badge while at their booth. Please note: while press have full access to meeting sessions, those with only “exhibitor” badges cannot enter the session halls.


Proper Sourcing:

All content derived from the conference must mention both the AHAA Annual Conference as well as AHAA: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing. In addition, please correctly cite the speaker and/or company presenting the information.


AHAA is to be listed in the following way:

·        AHAA: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing

·        AHAA (formerly the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies)


AHAA board members are to be listed with the AHAA affiliation first and professional affiliation second – for example:
·        AHAA Chair Linda Lane Gonzalez, president, viva partnership

·        AHAA Chair-Elect Isaac Mizrahi, co-president & chief operating officer

·        AHAA Past Chair Aldo Quevedo, principal/creative director, Richards/Lerma
·        AHAA Conference Chair Pete Lerma, principal, Richards/Lerma

·        AHAA Education Chair, Gabriela Alcantara-Diaz, president, Semilla AD



Handout materials are prepared and submitted for distribution by presenters who are solely responsible for its content. The views expressed by the speakers at AHAA-sponsored sessions are not necessarily shared or endorsed by AHAA.


Embargo Policy:

Press releases and sessions are embargoed until the local date and time of the presentation, as noted on each press release. AHAA strictly enforces its embargo policy, which prohibits the publication of research ahead of the embargo date and time. Proper sourcing of research partners and attribution to AHAA and the AHAA Annual Conference are required.


Audio and Audiovisual Policy

Audio and video recordings of the AHAA Annual Conference may not be sold or used for the purpose of providing continuing marketing education without prior written consent from AHAA. Permission for photography or video interviews of individual presenters must be secured from the individual author/presenter. Media that repurpose or have repurposed AHAA Annual Conference content in a stand-alone medium either for revenue or without charge, unless by agreement with AHAA, are ineligible to receive press credentials. Press that produce or have produced content in a standalone medium that uses the AHAA name or logo to imply endorsement, without AHAA’s expressed permission, are ineligible to receive press credentials.



Journalists who fail to comply with these guidelines will forfeit their press credentials and admittance to the AHAA Annual Conference. For questions regarding policies, please contact Jennifer Walus (Jennifer@bigvoicecomm.com 773-206-5602 or Natalie Judd (natalie@bigvoicecomm.com 203-605-9515).